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For decades, Bronx-Lebanon has taken this charge seriously, teaching its interns and residents the latest advances in medicine along with the timeless values that make a good physician - dedication, sympathy, and concern. Since 1971, Bronx-Lebanon has been affiliated with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Many of our staff serve as faculty at Albert Einstein, and have taught thousands of interns in both the classroom and at the hospital. Bronx-Lebanon offers 11 fully accredited residency programs in medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, psychiatry, family practice, radiology, OB/GYN, dentistry, and pathology. Whether we are training interns or residents, those who come to Bronx-Lebanon receive a superior and well-rounded education, particularly in the treatment of diseases found more frequently in inner cities, such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. While the quality of the education we provide can be judged by our interns' and residents' consistently high test scores, awards, and successful careers, our greatest accomplishment is one that cannot be measured: creating socially-minded physicians with a strong commitment to their community and their patients.

The Department of Pediatrics has medical sutdents from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and American University of the Carribean for clinical rotations. The Pediatric Clerkship is an 6-week experience consisting of exposure to pediatric inpatients, ambulatory pediatric patients, children with developmental problems and/or chronic diseases, including nutritional problems, babies in the newborn nursery, acutely ill children, and one or more pediatric subspecialty outpatient clinics. The goal of the Pediatric Clerkship is to equip students with knowledge in Pediatrics and gain an understanding of the anatomic, developmental, physiologic, and psychological differences of children as they progress from the neonatal period through adolescence.

Pediatric Clerkship Director: Dr. Erika Regalado. eregalad@ 718.960.1449

Coordinator : Arlette Mena. 718.960.1413

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