Bronx Center For Travel and International Health

Bronx  Center For Travel and International Health


Why Come to Us:

Our Bronx Center for Travel and International Health is a multidisciplinary group of practitioners concerned with the prevention and management of health problems associated with travel.

Every year more and more people travel to far away places, cross borders, and migrate.  Whether you travel as a tourist, to visit your family, to study, or to work, crossing borders is not without health risks. In 2003, over 32 million US residents traveled to international destinations including countries throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa, and 20 to 70 percent of people report some health problems while traveling.

Travel medicine is more than “what shots do I need?” Written recommendations from officialagencies such as the CDC and WHO provide only general information for travel to particular countries. They do not take into account the individual traveler’s past medical history, specific itinerary,level of immunity, and season of travel. At the Neighborhood Clinic for Travel Health we provide an individual consultation based on your particular health and travel history.