ATAC Announcements

April 20. 2011

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE 2ND AUTISM PARENT SUPPORT CONFERENCE! The event was a big success! Over 80 individuals attended – including parents of children on the spectrum, doctors, researchers, teachers advocates, representatives from various organizations. We learned all about legal advocacy and transition planning. We also learned about the proper treatment options for autism (and how we can’t waste our time on worthless and sometimes harmful treatments that are not evidence based!!). For details on this conference, please see the “Past Events” section. Pictures and contact information can be found there. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Jan 23. 2011

Congratulations to the Department of Pediatrics for being awarded a Community Family Services Grant from Autism Speaks! Autism Speaks is the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization. Our winning proposal is titled “The Autism Advocacy Project: Parental empowerment for navigating the educational system.” The Project will create a DVD Tutorial Toolkit based on three skill-based, action-oriented modules, including: 1) How to get an educational evaluation; 2) What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP); and 3) What are my child’s educational rights.

Read more about this award here :

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